Gifts for Board Gamers That Aren’t Games

Have you ever tried to give a gift to someone who has it all? Or is very specific? This happens with many enthusiasts where they are particular or already have it all, and gift givers struggle to figure out what to get them. This is no different for board gamers, so I have curated a list of items you can give the board gamer in your life that isn’t games. 

Ticket to Ride Upgrade kit by

Game Upgrades

They already have the games, so why not give them an upgrade? Upgrade kits provide new components that are more detailed and game-specific than your average meeple. Meeple Source has some interesting upgrades on a variety of games and adding new ones often.

Scythe Box Organization by


Boxes can become such a mess. While some do DIY methods of box organization, you can get custom box inserts for games, especially for those heavy games with a lot of components.

Image from

Carrying Cases

There are numerous carrying cases and bags for board games out there. An example is the Chromacast bag (shown above) which actually not specifically made for board games but definitely does the trick.

d20 rpg sheet.jpeg


The world of board game accessories is massive. Whether it’s special dice, card sleeves, organization during gameplay, storage, or anything else you can imagine, it probably exists. And, depending on what your gamer likes to most, you can get things specifically for them. They love RPG’s, get them special dice for them to use. They love card games, get some protective card sleeves.

Have some gift ideas for any gamers in your life? Share them in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Gifts for Board Gamers That Aren’t Games

  1. I fully agree with this post, and have to confess I was unaware of Meeplesource, took one look at their scythe stuff and was agog. The only thing I would add, isn’t really an addition, but a moe specific organiser – foam inserts for mini heavy games. Great post

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