First Look: Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods is an adventure game focused on exploration, story, and character, where you follow the story of Mae as she returns home from dropping out of college. I first found this game when it released last year, and watched an enter playthrough and became entranced by this game. And now that I have gotten the chance to start playing, I can share a first look with all of you.

2018-02-23 (3)

Mae moves back home to her parents home and her hometown after deciding to drop out of college, for reasons we do not know of at the start. We explore her world of Possum Springs, where her high school friends still live and work, and we meet many of Mae’s neighbors and learn about her previous years in Possum Springs, include her darker moments.


I love this game for so many reasons. It is quirky and mysterious and has such a deep and powerful story and meaning. All of the characters have distinct personalities and stories themselves, and we can learn so much about everyone in Possum Springs.

2018-02-23 (4)

Although we focus on Mae and her life and story, there is another mystery happening that has bigger consequences. While Mae is trying to figure out her life and future, Possum Springs has a bigger story to tell and Mae ends up stuck in it.

2018-02-25 (1)

I relate to Mae on so many levels, which is why I love this game so much. And even though I have seen how her story goes, I am still excited to play it all myself and really experience.

Night in the Woods is available on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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14 thoughts on “First Look: Night in the Woods

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  4. There’s something about the aesthetic of Night in the Woods that reminds me of a mixture between Fritz the Cat in character design, but something along the line of an Edgar Allan Poe novel in terms of storytelling. Though the game is quite interesting and something I look forward to trying out in the future, the article you’ve written has helped making that decision much clearer, of how much one should try to experience the game.

    Stay Cozy!

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  5. I’ll have to add this one to my list! Have you played Goetia? It’s a phenomenal adventure, a bit of gothic mystery from the point of view of a ghost exploring what’s left of their family’s estate. It’s deep and emotional at times. Highly recommend it


  6. Yeah, this is a good one. I feel that the people who focus on the bad things Mae do don’t “get” the game, same as the people who judge Chloe in Life is Strange. It’s not a game about a shiftless and rude girl who doesn’t want to accomplish anything in life, it’s about a girl who deals with more mental issues than she can handle, and can’t open up about. Night in the Woods is most of all about Mae’s inner demons, and how she requires a real crisis to finally open up to people about what she really dealing with.

    I can relate to both Mae and Chloe, honestly.


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