Favorite Fictional Villains

Sometimes it’s fun to be bad. And sometimes we relate to the more wicked side of a story than we do with the hero. And sometimes you just have to recognize that a villain is just awesome. So this post is dedicated to my favorite villains that make bad look oh so good. 



Yzma probably tops my favorite Disney villains, because she is pretty underrated and also hilarious. Her schemes are hilarious, she doesn’t like people, and eventually turns into a cat. She clearly leans to the ridiculous side of villainy.



Ursula definitely leans on the truly evil side of villainy, and even though still has humor, is pretty darn dark. There is something wicked under the sea and it’s Ursula.



Yeah if you hadn’t noticed by now, I like my villains to be sarcastic. Shego is very much the embodiment of sarcasm, and no one is safe. Not even Dr. Drakken. Also if you dive deeper into her story, of how she went from hero to villain, you learn she is a more in-depth character than expected.


Mother Gothel

Mother knows best. A villain hidden under the guise of love has got to be the evilest villain. Also, she probably has one of the best evil villain songs in Disney.



Warning: This part of the post contains spoilers for the 2013 Tomb Raider game, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, skip to the next villain. 

Himiko is an incredibly complex villain. She was the absolute monarch of the ancient island nation of Yamatai, which is the setting for the 2013 Tomb Raider game. Her immortality is created via a dark ritual, and she is manipulating Mathias and the cult on the island to do her bidding to continue the ritual. Her story is fascinating which is why I had to include her on this list.



To continue the trend of sarcastic villains, I can’t forget GLaDOS. She is the most sarcastic robot to exist in all fiction. Her sarcasm wins her a spot on my list.



You thought I was done with the Disney villains, didn’t you? Well, I wanted to diversify the list a little bit (even though I will always love female characters first and foremost). Jafar makes the cut because he is quite sinister with a touch of humor in the dryest way possible.

What villains are on your favorites list? Let me know with a comment!

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