How To Recover From A Scary Movie

I got tagged by the wonderful Matthew from Normal Happenings in one of his Daily Inklings called Free From Fear. I have decided to take the prompt quite literally and share how I, and you, can recover from a horror film/game/etc. 


Watch Something Funny

Whether you find your favorite YouTube channel and watch some videos or find a comedy on Netflix to binge, watching something funny after watching a scary movie or playing a horror game can help balance out the feelings of nerves and fear.


Use Relaxation Methods

Or if you want to chill more than counteract the scary, do some relaxation techniques. Whether that is listening to classical music, meditating, or deep breathing, using tried and true relaxation techniques can help reverse the angst of a scary mood.


Don’t Sleep Just Yet

There are numerous reasons why to not go directly to bed after watching a scary movie or playing or horror game. Nightmares are one, not sleeping at all from the anxiety is another. You can do those relaxation techniques mentioned above to get into a sleepy state prior to hitting the hay. You could also read a book to fill your mind with new stories. I enjoy listening to music to push the thoughts out of my head before bed.


When In Doubt, Ross It Out

This tip may seem totally weird and random, but trust me. Bob Ross has magical relaxing powers. When nothing else helps me relax and go to sleep, I put on a Bob video and everything gets better. You can’t be anxious or scarred while watching Bob Ross, the happy little trees won’t let you. You can watch Bob on YouTube or during his Twitch (yes he has a Twitch channel) marathons on the weekends.

How do you recuperate from a scary experience? Share your tips below and also check out Normal Happenings and his Daily Inklings!


Hi, it’s Michelle again. I know it is totally weird to have another section at the end of a post BUT it is with exciting news I wanted to share and that I am announcing today! I have started a Patreon for A Geek Girl’s Guide! Why a Patreon for a blog? Because the bog does cost some money and I’d love to be able to continue working on it, and for those so wonderful to become patrons I wanted to give rewards too. So you can go check it out now and see what cool things I am offering for those who support A Geek Girl’s Guide.

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