Favorite Ways to Make New Geeky Friends

Welcome to The Saturday Six! It is my interpretation of #5FandomFriday where I will use many of their prompts but give 6 answers on Saturdays. And for the first post, I am sharing my favorite ways to make new geeky friends.


Most of my closest friends now I found from watching Twitch streams. Community is such a big deal on the platform as a whole, and when you connect with people through chat and Discord it is a pretty great way to make friends.


Blog friends are awesome! The community of geeky bloggers are really great people and getting to know them through their work is always interesting and fun. Plus it is great to geek out about mutual fandoms and also about blogging in general.


So Twitter, for me and making friends, is more about connecting with people further. Whether it is bloggers or people from Twitch or other communities, Twitter can be a good way to connect with these people further. Also, Twitter has given me some cool opportunities, like going to PAX Unplugged for free.



Gaming is a great way to make friends! I actually connected with a new friend by playing board games together. And now we play games almost every week! Video games can also offer the same opportunities.

Through Other Friends

Meeting people through friends you already have tends to be one of the easier ways to make new friends. And when you all can bond over your favorite fandoms, it is even better!

Being Openly Geeky

I found that being open about the things I enjoy will lead me to people who also enjoy those things. It makes it easier to immediately connect with people when you can identify a mutual favorite.

How have you found new geeky friends? Share your methods with a comment!

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One thought on “Favorite Ways to Make New Geeky Friends

  1. Being openly geeky is the best one, in my opinion. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should run up to random people and pester them with facts about bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica. Just wearing a “themed” shirt or some accessories goes a long way.

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