Favorite Female Friendships

Happy belated Galentine’s Day! To celebrate, I am sharing my favorite female friendships in fiction.

daria jane

Daria and Jane

My favorite two 90’s teens, Daria and Jane’s friendship is probably my favorite of all friendships in fiction. Especially since they have their awkward moments and drift apart moments but are still the closest of friends in the end.


Schuyler Sisters

They may be sisters, but the Schuyler sisters are true friends as well. Especially Eliza and Angelica and the choices they make for each other.


Helga and Phoebe

Another 90’s pair, Helga and Phoebe have an interesting friendship. They are opposites in a lot of ways which makes their friendship special compared to others.


Hermione and Ginny

We all love the friendship that is Harry, Ron, and Hermione. But I’m so glad that Hermione has Ginny to be a friend with outside of the boys. I wish the movies should this more than they do, because female friendships are magical in their own way.


The Rockford Peaches

So they aren’t technically fictional since the Rockford Peaches did actually exist, but since my knowledge is really just from A League of Their Own, I’m rolling with that. This diverse group of ladies breaking barriers is so underrated so I had to add them to my list.


Mia and Lily

I especially enjoy Mia and Lily’s friendship in the second movie of The Princess Diaries because Lily is that one familiar thing to help Mia not go completely crazy. And they have a bond that lasted through college and into adulthood which is wonderful.

Who are your favorite female friends? Share them with a comment below!

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