Two Point Hospital Review

Two Point Hospital is a business simulation game where you are a hospital manager building and running various hospitals to treat wacky illnesses.

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Like many other tycoon style games, you will build a hospital from scratch, hire employees, and strive to improve the hospital while completing objectives. Your doctors will discover new illnesses to treat and cure, and you will have to upgrade the hospital to treat them. Other tasks include keeping your employees happy and increasing the prestige of the hospital to get better equipment.


I mainly played the story mode mostly, and this is where you will create a network of hospitals that face different challenges and objectives to complete. You will get new plots of land and can expand your hospital as needed. And different towns have different epidemics you need to focus on, like Mock Star where residents think they are rock stars. There are a bunch of ridiculous diseases in the game, from Jazz Hand to Monster Mishmash, to keep the game going and hilarious.


Starting off, this game does suck you in with its wacky side and business startup gameplay. Changing hospitals is very much changing levels and adding difficulty. However, I do think the levels lose their interest after initial setup and optimization. After getting the first rating and you open the next hospital location, there is really no reason to stay at your current one. While the game encourages you to improve the hospitals you’ve already done, I have yet to really see why besides either perfectionism or because you enjoy that grind. I am not one of those people, so once my hospital plateaus in progress, I get bored. The game doesn’t suck me in enough to make me want to play for hours and hours.


The game does have a bunch of DLC’s to help expand the game which would probably, at least temporarily, make the game more replayable. And there is a sandbox mode which is more what I’d enjoy. But despite this and the tons of wacky and weird illnesses, you can discover, those don’t entice me enough to play this more often. If you really enjoy simulation games, I would recommend Two Point Hospital but really only when it is on sale.

Two Point Hospital is available on PC, Switch, Playstation, and Xbox.

If you could make up a wacky illness, what would you make up? I’d make Shoulder Chip (like A Chip On Your Shoulder).

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6 thoughts on “Two Point Hospital Review

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I wanted to adore and obsess over this game but I only liked it. It is the exact type of game I usually love but it just didn’t hook me. If I power up my pc I end up playing Dicey Dungeons or Wilmonts Warehouse instead. But I also agree that it’s a great pick up on sale.

    If I were to invent a disease, it would be Comma Coma maybe something that happens to people who always correct other’s grammar.

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  2. I hope to check this one out, the last time I played a tycoon-style simulation game, I sucked at it and couldn’t figure out what kept my rate dropping. But, maybe things will go differently with this one.


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