Fictional Characters I Want to Be Friends With

For this week’s Saturday 6, I am sharing fictional characters that I want to be friends with.


Dumbledore’s Army

How can you choose just one of these characters?! You can’t, that is why I picked the whole army. Plus I’d love to master some defensive spells in the Room of Requirement.


Armin and Mikasa

Armin and Mikasa are probably my favorites on Attack on Titan. They are both endlessly loyal and courageous, and Eren would obviously be dead without them.



I am very much an introvert and homebody, and Rapunzel is the opposite. She’d bring me out to experience new things. Plus she is so positive and caring that she’d be a great friend in the best and worst times.



I LOVE Hagrid. He is such a warm and loving person. I want to go to his hut for tea and a chat any day.


Kiki and Jiji

The strongwilled and enthusiastic witch plus the sarcastic kitty are made to be my best friends honestly. Plus hanging out with them means I can get some baked goods from Osono’s bakery. Win-win.


River and Sana

If I was in the world of Armello, I would want to be friends with River and Sana. River’s masterful archery skill and Sana’s magic abilities would lead to quite the adventure.

What fictional characters do you want to be friends with? Let me know in a comment below!

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