Gift Guide for K-Pop Fans

I’ve made other gift guides for various fandoms, including my ultimate gift guide for geeks, but with my latest love of K-Pop being a thing I decided to make one specifically for the K-Pop fans.

What To Get


Albums are a straightforward and well-loved gift idea. As long as you know what artists they love and what albums they already have, this one is pretty easy to accomplish.


Lightsticks are more difficult to get and more expensive than other options, but they are really special pieces of merchandise that connect fans to the artists and each other. Like albums, as long as you know their favorite artists and what they already have, choosing what lightstick to get isn’t too hard.

Photocards & Accessories

Many fans collect photocards and other photo based memorabilia. You could get them more cards or you can also get accessories that help them with collecting, like a special binder to put them all in or stickers to decorate.

Fan Made Merch

There are tons and tons of shops out there full of fan made merchandise. From clothing to pins, decals and keychains, the abundant assortment gives you lots of options.

Where To Get It

Official Stores

Most companies have their official stores that you can get official merchandise from. If you want to be 10000% certain you are getting genuine merchandise, this is the best option.


Cokodive is one of my favorite places to buy stuff. They sell official merchandise primarily such as albums, lightsticks, and apparel. Be aware that they are based in Korea so things may take a while to ship and arrive to you if you are not also in Korea.


For the Americans, there are some stores specifically in the USA. KPop USA has their online store that will ship to anywhere as well as their physical store in Las Vegas.

Local Stores

Depending on where you live, there may be a local store near you. And if so, definitely go support these stores. Plus you can avoid the potentially hefty shipping fees.\


Etsy is perfect for those fan made gifts. I’ve bought pins, keychains, photocards, decals, and lanyards all on Etsy.

Walmart and Target

Some of the more mainstream artists can have their albums in Walmart and Target. I’ve seen BTS in my Walmart, as well as Blackpink and NCT.

What gifts would you get a K-Pop fan? Share your ideas in the comments.


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