Daebak Box Review

The Daebak Company releases a quarterly subscription box filled with tons of goodies from Korea, ranging from beauty and lifestyle to K-Pop and K-Dramas. I got their recent spring box and wanted to share a review of it!

Every box has a theme, often based on the season it ships in. For spring they went with cherry blossoms as their inspiration, which is largely shown through the beautiful box art. There is definitely sweetness and softness in the box’s items so let’s go into that.

The box came with thirteen items, and their minimum is ten according to their website, that are best organized into three groupings: food, beauty, and lifestyle. It is a good variety of things overall and everything was a pleasant surprise to me. Let’s go a little deeper into each grouping.

First up is lifestyle, which of the three was probably the most disappointing. I received a daebak tote bag, socks, a plush cat wrist rest, a postage stamp-themed sticker that matches the box, and a Korean magazine featuring Kang Daniel. My favorite item of all of them is the plush because it is adorable and also something I could use at work for example. I also like the sticker, specifically its design, but I don’t really know where to put it. I don’t mind the tote bag, since they can be convenient, and socks are pretty generic overall.

Next up I’ll talk about the food options! This group included dried tangerine cookies, Cocopalm Peach drink, and Malang Cow strawberry candy. The only thing I have tried so far are the cookies, which were fine. I have the highest hopes for the candy and I know the drink will be the most interesting experience, since it contains jellies and I’m not one to consume peach flavored things.

Lastly are the beauty items! I mostly received skincare items including a volcano tightening cleanser, an eye cream, and a calming cream. I also got a blusher, which is simply a small compact of blush, and a cup full of sponges. I’m most interested in the skincare since Korean skincare is quite popular.

The box also comes with it’s own magazine which came with the adorable mini version of this box. This is one of the things everyone who got the box was raving about and it really is so cute. Especially when you do a side-by-side with the full sized box.

Overall, the Daebak Box was a pleasant selection of goodies. I have decided to continue my subscription to see what I get in future boxes, so that is a testament to my overall feelings. You can subscribe at two levels, either annually or seasonally, and since the box is quarterly and you’ll only get four boxes in a single year, it’s a nice starter into Korean lifestyle products without having a pile-up of things you may or may not enjoy.

Do you receive any subscription boxes? Tell me about them in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Daebak Box Review

  1. I used to subscribe to JapanCrate, which is a monthly selection of interesting candy from Japan. It was really cool, except I am a picky eater and most of the food items were so wild that I was too scared to try them! XD

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