Idol Training, Vampire Raising, and Cyberpunk Squading: Kickstart Your Week 8

It has been a while since I have shared some Kickstarter projects so, since I’ve been backing again, I figured I’d share a few!

KPOP: Becoming An Idol

Two of my favorite things have collided in KPOP: Becoming An Idol. You play as an aspiring trainee working for your debut and you’ll have to grow your skills and popularity in order to beat out the other trainees for stardom.

Rivet Heads

This game is designed by the same person who designed a favorite of mine, Fire in the Library. In Rivet Heads, you’re the boss of the most badass squad of mercs, fixers, and runners in the Sprawl. Make deals to secure top-of-the-line upgrades for your crew, and score the most rep by the end of three cycles.

Cute Bite – A Vampire Raising Sim + RPG

Guide a little vampire to regain her powers by training in jobs and classes, plus hunting for targets to feed on and objects to bite in this RPG video game that has fully funded!

The Greatest Hits: A Comics Mixtape

The Greatest Hits: A Comics Mixtape is a comic anthology that’s all about music. This all-ages anthology showcases dedication to help new creators break into the comics industry. The result of this continued collaboration is “The Greatest Hits,” which features a playlist of stories where music is instrumental to the plot.

Have you backed any projects recently? Tell me about them via the comments below!