Idol Training, Vampire Raising, and Cyberpunk Squading: Kickstart Your Week 8

It has been a while since I have shared some Kickstarter projects so, since I’ve been backing again, I figured I’d share a few!

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Animal Area Control, A Game from the Ashes, and Enemy Eateries: Kickstart Your Week 6

A new year means new Kickstarters to check out and help projects come to life. There are some really standout campaigns happening right now and some hidden gems as well. I pulled four of the ones I found the most intriguing to share today. Continue reading

Super Villains, Pancakes, Unicorns Return, and Dungeon Racing: Kickstart Your Week 5

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a browse to Kickstarter, so I decided to see what new and awesome things have come up since the last time. And I was not disappointed! Continue reading

Cooperative Crime, Mexican Food Battles, and Dungeons & Drag Queens: Kickstart Your Week 3

I haven’t been browsing a lot of Kickstarter lately to spare my wallet a touch, but it felt right to go through and see what campaigns are currently up. There were 3 particular projects that caught my eye and I’d thought I’d share them with you all. Continue reading

Killer Unicorns, A World of Art, and Pinnable Meeples: Kickstart Your Week 1

It’s a Monday, and you know what’s great about Mondays? It’s a new week and a new blog post from me. And I wanted to embrace the start of this week by sharing some cool new things you can help make happen.  Continue reading