Tokaido Review

Tokaido is a beautiful, relaxing game where you play as a traveler or the East Sea Road in Japan. You will make friends, eat delicious food, paint, and relax in hot springs on a journey to earn the most points from your travels.


You will play as a traveler going between inns and visiting different locations along the way. Each location has different actions you can take.

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Villages offer shopping opportunities, Farms give you coins, Mountains, Plains, and Sea let you paint, Hot Springs give you cards for points, Temples are a place to donate and gain points, and Encounters give your friends with different perks.


Your player character gives you special perks also. As an example, Umegae (on the left) earns a point and a coin for every Encounter. Sasayakko gets a free item in the Village if she buys at least two items.


When you arrive at an Inn you get to eat, and purchase the food and finish other tasks. The order you arrive at an Inn also dictates how you will move the next round.


I really enjoy this game for it’s relaxing feeling but also it’s strategic aspects involved. It does take a while to play a game start to finish, but it’s a no-stress game. My one complaint is, even though I have played many games of Tokaido, I still need the rulebook next to me to help because there are so many details involved. It is a good 2-player game and has a few expansions, thus making it a very replayable game. I do highly recommend this game for everyone’s game shelf.

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Have you played a game recently that you’ve enjoyed? Let me know what it was in the comments!




10 thoughts on “Tokaido Review

  1. That’s really good that you can play this game with two players or more. sometimes games are really hard to play when you don’t have enough people playing and as I am with my daughter when I play games, its important for it to be availalbe to play for just the two of us.


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