What To Watch: Cosplay Melee

Cosplay Melee is a new series on SyFy, where cosplayers from around the US compete in themed challenges to create unique characters to portray for a prize. 


Every week, 4 cosplayers come together with a specific challenge. There is a quick challenge of creating a single piece for the larger cosplay they create in the second challenge. One competitor is sent home after the quick challenge, so 3 compete for the prize with their full cosplays.


I’ve watched the first few episodes and already really enjoy the show. The different themes are very relevant to common cosplays. Yes, they are creating original characters and not our favorites, but they are based directly from favorite fandoms (Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Marvel, DC, and Anime just to name a few examples).


These people have crazy talent. You can certainly see the passion they have for cosplay and what it means to them. I wish the format was a bit different, having a large cast with eliminations instead of four new contestants every episode. That way we could watch the cosplayers grow instead of just one taste of their talent. The judges are very smart on their critiques and I tend to agree with them most of the time. The show overall doesn’t have the cut-throat and shady vibe of other competitions which is a nice relief. And if you enjoy Face Off (another SyFy show), then you’ll enjoy Cosplay Melee.


What character would you cosplay as? Share with a comment!

9 thoughts on “What To Watch: Cosplay Melee

  1. Cosplays in my opinion were always amazing to watch. I’ve always been quite surprised at how intense the competition can be a local cons and such. I wanted to ask you Michelle, what’s the best cosplay you’ve ever seen?


  2. I love this show! People are so creative, especially for new characters because I have such a hard time with that. I love cosplaying as superheroes and have done a few but they’re nowhere near as elaborate as these ones.


  3. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this! If I could do a cosplay, I might choose La Muerta or Nightcrawler or maybe just a hardcore Wonder Woman. Oh heck, I’d probably do an Ent or something. I’m a dork. I hadn’t heard about this show — looking it up to DVR now!


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