My Current Favorite Tabletop Games

Today is International Tabletop Day! And what better way to celebrate than by talking games and playing some games. 


5.  Love Letter

Love Letter is a bluffing and detective style card game that takes less than 15 minutes to play to the end. I like to pull it out when I need a game that doesn’t take extensive work to explain or play.


4. Sushi Go

Sushi Go is a card-passing game that takes a bit of strategy but is still simple enough to play with a wide range of gaming experiences. Definitely great for game night parties and the art is simply adorable.


3.  Codenames

Codenames is a team word game, where players have to guess the correct codename based on the clues given. I love this game because it works the little grey cells as well as a game I can pull out and play with my whole family. My dad and mom even enjoy this game.

game pieces

2. Epic Spell Wars

Epic Spell Wars is a hilarious, and definitely not kid friendly game for us adults who want a good laugh and pretend we are powerful wizards for an evening. My brother and I greatly enjoy playing this game, as it has it’s funny factors and legit strategy.


1. Tokaido

A beautiful and enjoyable game, Tokaido takes the top slot of my current favorite games. The art is gorgeous, it’s more relaxing than competitive, and definitely takes a bit of strategy to have a successful journey.

What are your current favorite board games? Leave a comment and Happy International Tabletop Day!

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