Board Games for the Holidays

Need a game for the office Christmas party to make it more fun? Or maybe a game to bring to the family get-together? Well here are some festive suggestions to bring some holiday cheer to your gaming.

12 days

12 Days

I recently reviewed 12 Days, and find it to be a nice, easy game that is great for family gatherings. You win the days by presenting the best gift to get points. Very easy to play and teach, which makes it great for playing with non-gamers.

carc winter.jpg
Carcassonne: Winter

While Carcassonne is a classic, did you know there is a winter version? Create snowy cities and farms and play the well-loved game the same as before, just a bit more festive.

Munchkin Christmas Lite

If you enjoy the original Munchkin, you can make it more festive with this stand-alone version all about the jolliest time of the year. You can also use it as an expansion to the original game if you want a little more challenge and opportunities.

white ele.jpg
White Elephant

White Elephant is a common activity at holiday parties everywhere. This card game takes that gift exchange idea, and turns it into a game where one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Holiday Fluxx

The rules never stop changing, the goal doesn’t stay the same, and now it comes with twinkly lights and a holly jolly aesthetic. Fluxx is known for having a variety of themes for its card game, and what better way to confuse your opponents than with a little holiday cheer.

Which of these games would you take to a holiday party? Let me know in the comments!