A Road Trip, 1930s Cartoons, Kittens, and Post-Apocalyptic Future: Kickstart Your Week 4

It’s time for another Kickstart Your Week, and there are some very interesting games in both tabletop and video games coming out as well as a look at a graphic novel that’s up now.


Afterglow is a graphic novel about what happens after the world ends…and how one girl and her giant radioactive cat must prevent it from ending again. I was pretty much sold with the giant glowing cat, but the twist on a post-apocalyptic tale is also of interest and if you enjoy a dystopian or apocalypse story you should take a look at Afterglow.



On Tour is a strategic roll and write board game where you are taking your band on tour through the US. The art of this game is beautiful and the concept is very immersive into a specific experience I haven’t seen done is gaming before.



Kitten Casualty is doing a remastered version of their game on Kickstarter right now, with some excellent changes from the original version that I reviewed. If a humorous adult-oriented card game is something you enjoy, take a look at the remastered version of Kitten casualty.


Steamboat Billy is described as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker meets Pokémon with a 1930’s art style. It is a singleplayer adventure-RPG set in a classic Disney-like universe in which you must defeat and capture strange monsters while sailing the dark seas, in order to rebuild and bring back color to the world you once knew. If you enjoyed Cuphead’s art style and solo adventuring in a video game, check out Steamboat Billy.

Have you seen any Kickstarters that have interested you recently? Share with a comment below.



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