How To Discover New Indie Games

When it comes to video games, I really love indie games. I basically only play indie games and very, very rarely play anything else. So I figured I’d share some tips and places I learn about new indie video games.


YouTube and Twitch

I consume a good deal of video game content, specifically via YouTube and Twitch. So it’s pretty natural that I would find games this way with the amount I watch. The trick is finding those true variety channels that play many different types of game. Some channels specifically focus on indie games which are also great. The channel where I find the newest indie games is Jesse Cox, specifically with his Fan Friday series. His channel is how I found Armello, Night in the Woods, and Monster Prom, which are three of my favorite games ever.


Steam Curators and Searches

I really like following Steam curators because their recommendations will come up in the store and next to games I am looking at. It’s super handy to see those quick reviews on the games page of Steam. And there are indie-specific curators as well, such as Indie MEGABOOTH, IndieGems, and my curator page (yep shameless self-promo). Searches are also helpful because you can specifically search for indie games. And from there you can narrow it further to more specific types of games you enjoy. And if you don’t use Steam, other platforms also have similar functions.



Twitter can be helpful for finding new games if you know who to follow. Honestly, following developers of indie games is the best way to learn about new games both by them and other devs. You can also follow those YouTubers and Twitch streamers for game suggestions too, cause sometimes they tweet about a game without playing it on the stream or in a video.


Blogs! We love them! You’re reading one right now! There are plenty of bloggers out there that write about gaming and will write about indie games. Follow their blogs, follow them on Twitter, and you’ll learn all about new indie games.

How do you learn about new games? Share your tips with a comment!

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3 thoughts on “How To Discover New Indie Games

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  2. I get all of my gaming recommendations from other bloggers these days. There are a lot of people in the community who have a similar taste in games and are open to exploring unique titles outside of the mainstream, so they’re the ones with opinions I trust! 🙂

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  3. I almost exclusively find new indies via Twitter these days. I love following indie developers and they’re all super supportive of each other’s games, so I find all kinds of weird and quirky stuff that way.

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