First Look: Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus, created by Rachel Smythe, is a retelling of the mythology of the Grecian gods and goddesses. It particularly focuses on one of the most famous myths, the Taking of Persephone, and how she became the Queen of the Underworld.


Lore Olympus isn’t your typical retelling of mythology. Olympus is placed in a modern era, and we get to witness these gods and goddesses in a whole new way. With wild parties, gossip, friendship, and romance, this myth is redone is a way that is so unique and captivating.


Not only do we get to see Persephone and Hades, but also many other characters of Grecian mythology. Artemis is Persephone’s friend and roommate, Zeus and Poseidon make appearances and taunt Hades, as brothers do. We also get glimpses into other myths, including Psyche and Eros. And other mythical creatures, including nymphs and harpies, make appearances.


But the highlight of this whole comic is our main lovebirds, Hades and Persephone. They both experience interesting character development as individuals, as well as together. This love story is a slowly developing love between the two, and getting to see them interacting and flirt is truly enjoyable, and even comedic at times. We still haven’t reached them being a couple yet, so there is much more in store as well. The story is written just as well as the art is drawn, and when you start reading it you really can’t stop.

Lore Olympus is updated every Sunday and you can subscribe to it on Webtoon.

Have you read any webcomics? Share them with me in a comment!


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