30 Day Geek Out Challenge: Day 28

There are some amazing movie soundtracks out there, so for today’s 30 Day Geek Out Challenge, I’m sharing my favorite movie soundtrack.

Just as a reminder, the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge is all about what makes you geeky, from fandoms to hobbies, favorite characters and more. I’m going to do this challenge along with my regular schedule of posts, so there will be tons of content from me this month! Thanks to Megan at A Geeky Gal for creating this!

Today’s question is: Favorite Movie Soundtrack?


I really love the Goblet of Fire soundtrack, even though I am not a fan of the movie. I love how the music portrays different moments so well. The Quidditch World Cup teams entrance is one of the pieces I really enjoy. Also, the dichotomy of the Beauxbatons and Durmstrangs music when the enter the Great Hall is one I enjoy and is probably one of the more iconic pieces of music.

One of my most favorite parts of this soundtrack is the mermaid song from the egg to explain the second task. It is such a beautiful piece and is very much the opposite of the harsh screaming you hear when its above water.

Goblet of Fire is my favorite book in the series and I do believe the soundtrack fits the story really well and highlights all the great moments that make GoF so cool.

Make sure you go an check out A Geeky Gal’s post for this question too!

What is your favorite movie soundtrack? Let me know with a comment below.