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Since Pride Month is winding down, I wanted to do a post focusing on LGBTQ+. And when I found this tag, it felt like the perfect choice.

This tag originated over on Indiecator. So make sure you go give Dan some love and appreciation for making this!

Where are you from? What’s your name, age, etc.? Introduce yourself!

Hi! If you don’t know me, I’m Michelle. I’m from the middle of nowhere in Southern California but also spent my college years in Sacramento. There is more about me on my about page.

What are your pronouns?

She/Her. I am cisgender so I have always identified as a woman.

How do you feel about pronouns? Have you preferred different ones in the past?

In a personal sense, I have my pronouns but I also wouldn’t be upset to be referred by other pronouns. And in a general sense, I know that pronouns are an important part of many people’s identity and a way to validate their true gender, so I will always respect another person’s preferred pronouns.

What’s your sexuality?

Asexual, meaning not experiencing sexual attraction towards anyone. It is on a scale, referred to as gray sexuality, and includes demisexual. I personally identify as truly asexual.

How did you find out about your sexuality?

Through fanfiction, believe it or not. I was asked to write something that had a demisexual character, so I had to do research. And through that research, I found many relatable traits that led me to identify myself as asexual.

What sort of labels do you use to describe yourself?

I really don’t use labels for myself. Asexual would be the only one, but I am more private about that fact because I believe that my sexuality is not the business of others. I have the privilege to do that though since I am cisgender and heteroromantic.

What is one memory you have that made you think about possibly not being straight?

It didn’t cross my mind at all until doing that research I mentioned. And from that research is where I connected some dots from when I was younger and showed asexual traits. So looking back I can see it showing, but I had no idea back then.

Did you out yourself? If so, who did you out yourself, too?

I’d say that yes I did. The first person I told was one of my best friends, then I told my brother, and lastly my other best friend. All three of them identify with at least one queer identity so I knew I was in safe spaces to do so. And after that I posted a little bit about it on social media, so it is out there but I haven’t said much else on it since.

What do your parents/family/partner/friends think about the topics?

My brother and best friends are nothing but supportive. Always have been and will be.

I haven’t had a conversation with my parents about my own sexuality so I don’t know what they think about it. And I don’t have a great need to do so. I have had bits and pieces of what they think of LGBT+ as a whole, and that’s enough knowledge for me. And my extended family has zero need to know.

Have you ever been to a Pride event? (i.e. protests, CSD, parties,…)

The best I have is I went with my brother and a bunch of his friends to do a Pride photoshoot last year. It was right after I came out and most of the people there didn’t know. It was a little awkward to be honest, not because of the people since I knew them all. But it was awkward since I was so new to identifying under the rainbow I was like a baby giraffe trying to get my balance.

Unfortunately, those photos didn’t turn out great so I don’t have any of them.

Do you have someone who’s part of the LGBTQIA2+ community that you admire?

Plenty. My brother and my best friend are who come to mind immediately.

Is your sexual orientation different from your romantic orientation?

Yes. As I said before I am heteroromantic, meaning I am romantically interested in the opposite sex.

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